Andrea Valdez is an athlete and a writer. Her blog explores sports, hobbies and the documentation of everyday life as means of personal fulfillment.


hello, and welcome!

I’ve devoted the bulk of my life to training and creating, so I mostly write and talk about that.

I also have a lot experience and education as an athlete and coach in multiple sports and physical disciplines.

And lastly, as a classic millennial introvert and over-thinker, I also enjoy and contemplate the internet, pop culture, appearance, careers, confidence, society, my boyfriend, friendships, traveling, and whatever else I’m going through at the moment.

If that’s all you need to know, great — hop on over to the blog and start reading!

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I was born an angry little kid with too much energy in South Texas.

When I was six years old, my parents thought gymnastics classes might be a good alternative to hyperactivity meds. — So I started going and fell in love.

From the ages of 7 to 14, I was a competitive gymnast training 20+ hours a week and found my identity and purpose in sports.

In middle school and high school I was a cheerleader for my school while also competing on all-star cheer teams. I briefly played basketball and ran track as well.

For undergrad, I studied Sports Management and Business Administration and Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. I coached gymnastics the whole time while also cheering for the college my last 2 years.

Then I got my Masters in Exercise Physiology from The University of Oklahoma in 2011. While researching and teaching as a grad assistant there, I competed on an adult all-star cheer team at a local club gym.

Between those adult cheer seasons, I competed in my first bodybuilding show and became obsessed with lifting weights and monitoring my nutrition. This started a few years of disordered eating behaviors and body dysmorphia…so fun!

In 2012 I started vlogging my journey as a figure competitor on my YouTube channel. I created my first fitness blog and began selling ebooks and online coaching for gen pop athletes.

In 2013 I moved to Northern California for my second bodybuilding season so I could learn from and train with the team of coaches at 3D Muscle Journey.

For the next couple years I prepped for a powerlifting season while teaching posing clinics with my 3DMJ friends. Still blogging and vlogging, but getting burned out.

In 2015, I co-authored The Muscle and Strength Pyramids and became an official Team 3DMJ Coach, working full time with bodybuilders and powerlifters.

I also majorly switched gears with my training and began to pursue functional fitness.

I did this Crossfit style of training for about 3 years with the hopes of competing, but some hidden issues associated with my scoliosis put it all to a halt.

It’s been a 5-year chronic pain battle that I’m still fighting to get myself back to lifting the way I’d like. But I know I’ll get there eventually.

In the meantime, in late 2019 I learned that it was possible to compete in adult gymnastics. And that’s what I’ve been doing as an athlete ever since.

I don’t coach anymore because it makes me bonkers, and I’ve recently shifted from the Director of Operations to Head of Content at 3D Muscle Journey.

Currently, I’m enjoying prepping for the next gymnastics season, continuing to get stronger and more stable with light weightlifting, making my daily(ish) newsletter/diary, posting here on this blog, making videos on TikTok, hanging with my partner and creating content for The 3DMJ Vault.

That’s the full story for now 🙂

If you have questions or want to know more, feel free to ASK ME ANONYMOUSLY HERE.


– AV