My First Adult Gymnastics Competition Season

Includes vlogs of all 3 competitions with all routines and reviews.

My First Adult Gymnastics Competition Season

The 2022 adult gymnastics competition season was my first one back on the floor in twenty-something years.

I was able to do three competitions and vlog them all on YouTube so you can see what adult gymnastics competitions are really like.

As you’ll probably gather from watching, they are WAY more laid back than what you’d expect. Especially if you grew up in the USAG developmental system like I did.

The first two competitions were hosted through the Texas Gymnastics Conference, where we competed with lots of university club teams around the state.

The last meet was an online meet hosted by MyGymJudge where we competed against other unaffiliated adults around the world.

Feb 2022 – UT Club Meet @ Austin Gymnastics Club

The first time I got to wear a leotard with my two other adult gymnastics teammates and compete all four events in front of live judges.

It was USAG rules and I competed Level 6.

March 2022 – A&M Club Meet @ Texas A&M University

I hurt my stupid back a couple weeks before this competition and I didn’t want to risk snapping my shit up on the high impact events, so I just did bars and beam.

This one was also USAG rules and I also competed Level 6.

June 2022 – Just Flip! Virtual Adult Meet @ Austin Gymnastics Club

Back to all four events this time!

We were judged via a Zoom call, so we got to compete on our “home equipment” here at AGC, which is one of the practice facilities my teammates and I visit each week.

This one was Xcel rules and I competed in the Platinum division.

While the mid-season back pain flare up was not a great time, the year as a whole was an incredibly positive experience.

I was over the damn moon and so so proud of myself.

Going forth, as I recently chatted about here, I’ll probably try to move on to only competing Level 8 bars and beam for the 2023 season.

To watch my training, follow my flips over on TikTok.

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