Make A Fake New Era

It’s not a real thing, but if I make it a thing in my head it kind of works and it’s quite enjoyable.

Make A Fake New Era
From the last era switch in July, when my dad came to visit for a few days and we enjoyed a variety of activities, including a guided tour of the ACL Moody Theater. (The photo taker guy told us to make rock hands I'm so sorry.)

I try to create eras for myself every chance I get to trick myself into believing I have a lot more fresh starts than I do.

You know what it was like when you had a new semester, new school year, new job, all that fun stuff…It’s like you get a chance to lightweight reinvent yourself, which is always lovely.

Whenever I have upcoming travel plans, those are the end of one era and the start of the next one.

Whenever something in my schedule or environment has to change, that’s an opportunity for a whole new state of reinvention (on a undetectable, micro-scale, of course).

A end of a mini-era also has postmortem reviews baked in.

Like okay, we’re going on a trip in 5 weeks, what is the most important thing I should be working on between now and then?

What project do I have going on in my life that must be wrapped up by that hard stop date?

And then on the plane ride back or on the first morning I wake up in my own bed again, I’ll sit my ass down with a journal and create the next one.

  • What’s the NEXT big travel date or event?
  • How many weeks away is it?
  • What can reasonably be done between now and then that would make me feel proud and happy or get me closer to my goals?

Rinse and repeat as often as possible every few months because life is short and we all have shit to do.