The Best Beef Fajitas In Austin

I promise I’m super qualified to tell you about this.

The Best Beef Fajitas In Austin
look at us on the way to smash some delicious strips of flavor and protein and goodness

Any time we’re going out to dinner and you ask me what I feel like eating I’ll say “beef fajitas”.

Not for lunch, not at home, and not so much when I don’t live in Texas.

But as long as I’m here and we’re doing supper time, that’s my answer.

In my professional fajita-eater opinion, the 3 most delicious places to get them in Austin are:

1 - LUPE TORTILLA - I know it’s a chain and I don’t care even a little bit. Those are my favorite ones in the whole world that I’ve had so far. (I’m visiting Mexico soon and I’m interested how those will compare.) Also! The flour tortillas here are amaaaazing. It’s in the name so that checks out. They’re thin and humongous and doughy, not too powdery.

2 - VAMANOS - This is a local single-store place off Airport and I35. It’s soooooo good but pro tip they call theirs something else. It’s “The Skirt Steak” on their menu and it’s not as consistently bomb every time. Since it’s not a chain restaurant, I understand things might change depending on who is cooking. But when it slaps IT SLAPS.

3 - CHUY’S - Listen, I truly don’t want to mention a second chain restaurant in my top 3 fajita places. But I simply cannot lie to you. (Also, I feel like since the first original Chuy’s still operates in the heart of Austin, it’s acceptable.) These things are effing delicious. They also have SUPER good corn tortillas. It’s the only place where I won’t get flour. Also, their creamy jalapeño dip is unmatched and you absolutely need to eat it with your fajita tacos or chips or anything else on the whole damn menu. It’s a must.

If you have other recommendations, PLEASE let me know here :)